Jason Pullen, a motorcycle stunt performer, attempts to revolutionize the sport with his unique style by performing stunts on Harley Davidson motorcycles, “It gives the audience a real thrill to see one of my Harleys up against bikes half the size.” He hopes to represent a new sport and be a positive influence on the industry.
At the young age of five he started out with a Doodlebug and has since moved on, switching among  a 1990 black Harley FXR, a 2003 Sportster 1200 and a  XR100 Roll Bike. No matter the machine, the childlike excitement and freedom still burn in his soul when he performs. He is currently sponsored by several companies including Modesto Harley and A&A Racing.  


 This idea came to him, in 2004 at Super Motard at the Sacramento Motofest. With an engine blown and time to spare, he first witnessed riders on tricked out sport bikes doing stunts. At that moment, He knew he wanted to be the first guy to stunt on a Harley. After mastering his first wheelie, he was hooked. Now, Pullen makes doing stunts on a 650 pound bike look easy, “It’s kinda like ballet but you’re on a 650 pound motorcycle.”


Recently, Pullen has been traveling the United States performing in events ranging  from fundraisers, competitions, and television and commercial work. In a 2012 competition, held in Sacramento, CA he won Sickest Trick by jumping his bike over 11 willing participants; and Sickest Burnout in the Indianapolis XDL stunt competition in 2011.

"Roger" holding down security for the bus

"Roger" holding down security for the bus

A natural showman, audiences are amazed at what stunts Pullen is able to accomplish with his Harley. They watch in awe as he pushes the limits of his machine and body time after time. Despite the danger and risk of his career, there is more than just the thrill of the ride and show.  Jason Pullen is grateful for support and loyalty of his fans. He gets a kick from making others smile and isn’t afraid to dawn a pancake costume while popping a wheelie. He is far from the typical biker.
Like many of us, Jason dreams of the day he can make stunt performing his main career. In the meantime, he’s happy to have found a sport where he can feel as happy and free as a five year old on a Doodlebug.